Marlu Seychelles supports the SSPCA in their campaign to manage and care for stray and other diverse dogs and cats in Seychelles.

We were approached by SSPCA to support their work on their campaign to manage and give care to the stray and various other dogs and cats in Seychelles.

Marlu Seychelles in responding to their request, took the initiative to support SSPCA not only because we consider their work to be noble by sheltering those animals, treating them fairly by feeding them and looking after them as we have witnessed during our visits there.

It is critical but an important service for the country.

Seychelles is one of the world’s well-known touristic destinations with a pristine image and high standards, hence we find it inappropriate for the stray dogs going around doing nuisance, pulling garbage bins because they are hungry and trying on any means to feed themselves. Whereby at times they may be found roaming around in town areas and on beaches thus such unpleasant activities are not acceptable because those places are mostly frequented by tourists and it is not a good image for Seychelles.

Also how we treat animals is a reflection of the values and standard of a country.  

 With this agreement today, committing to a monthly donation for one year, Marlu Seychelles believes it would be of great support to SSPCA.

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